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The Friends formed in early 2002 after an elderly lady was mugged at her husband's grave. Originally as a 'Cemetery Watch', branching from the Neighbourhood Watch organisation, the Friends made it their mission to transform the cemetery into a safe and peaceful resting place for the community of Wombwell.


We aim to make the cemetery a cleaner, greener, safer space for the community by tending graves, helping people, creating a friendly environment, and a positive atmosphere throughout.


Some tasks include: Sweeping paths, weeding, cutting the grass of main areas, cleaning both Baby Memorials, cleaning the Community Hub, serving tea and coffee, touching up paintwork, locating graves on our database, and guided tours.



The community of Wombwell are a friendly and welcoming bunch with generous hearts. Whenever we have needed help and support, the community have leapt forward to lend a helping hand. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.

The Friends at Rose Hogg Awards
The Friends at Baby Memorial
Pam in a trolley
The Friends and Mayor of Barnsley
Ray in the chapel
The Friends chapel opening day
The Friends chapel opening day
The Friends at Proud of Barnsley
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