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A remembrance garden within the structure of an old chapel without a roof

In 1868 when the cemetery opened, two gothic chapels stood tall and proud, ready to take funerals of those being buried in Wombwell Cemetery.

In the late 1900s, the chapels became derelict. One was used as a storage and left to gather dust; meanwhile this one was broken into and set fire to. Everything inside was gutted and the roof was completely destroyed. Eventually, layers of soil formed inside and trees and shrubs grew tall above the walls and completely took over.

When the Friends appeared, they applied to ITV's People's Millions to try and win the money to restore the chapel and turn it into a memorial garden. The roof was to be left off as it would be far too expensive to restore. Unfortunately the competition was won by another well deserving group.

However in 2012, after hard work and fund-raising, the Friends finally turned the building into the Peace Garden they wanted.



Memorial Plaques

In the Peace Garden we have spaces for memorial plaques to be fitted on our marble wall displays. If you would like a plaque, please contact the Friends and we will arrange to send you a form.

Please note: All memorial railings and benches have been sold.

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