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No bag? No problem!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Dog foul is a continuous problem around the UK, and Wombwell is no exception. While the cemetery hasn't been too bad for dog foul in the past, volunteers and regular visitors began to notice an increase in the amount of dog foul around the cemetery, starting almost as soon as the COVID-19 lockdown began.


Most dog walkers are responsible and courteous, bagging and binning every time. We understand that sometimes it's hard to pick up, especially when the grass is longer, and that sometimes even the most responsible dog owner can forget their bags in a mad rush out of the door, or simply run out on the walk! There are also the odd few that simply don't pick up.

We don't want to ban dogs from the cemetery. A lot of people walk through with their dogs, and some dogs even visit family graves. They are, after all, our family too!

Leaving dog foul without picking it up and disposing of the bag is bad enough, but when people discover that their loved one's grave has dog poo on or near it, it can be extremely upsetting. It is disrespectful and harmful.

The Friends have purchased three dog poo bag dispensers and dog bag refills which we have now installed near each dog poo bin in the cemetery. While some people have expressed that we shouldn't need to do this, this is exactly what the group are here for: Tackling anti-social behaviour, cleaning up the cemetery, and making it a safe, calm, clean space for all!

So, if you're in the cemetery with your pooch and you've forgotten your bags, dropped them out of your pocket by mistake, or your pup decides to do a bit more than expected, we now have bag dispensers.

As we have purchased the bag refills with our own funds, these bags are available for emergencies, so please only take what you need. Dog foul can be disposed of in ANY waste bin in the cemetery, not just the red bins.

Give your pooch a big love from us and help us to keep Wombwell Cemetery a clean, safe space for all who visit!

Text explaining about the dog fouling campaign with two cartoon dogs and an image of one of our bag dispensers.
Look out for our social media graphic: "No bag? No problem!"

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