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New Baby Memorial

There are two sites in Wombwell Cemetery dedicated to babies who have been laid to rest. The two sites, where more than 600 babies are buried, have had memorial stones for approximately 18 years thanks to the Friends. The site situated near the Blythe Street end at the cemetery was in use from 1868 to 1948, while the other site up nearer to Summer Lane was operational between 1948 and 1978.

However, the two sites were not equal. The latter site has always had a smaller memorial stone on grass, despite being the biggest plot, while the other was paved with a larger stone and a pebble and shrub surround.

Left: Summer Lane-end Memorial. Middle & Right: Blythe St-end Memorial

The Friends decided that it was time to bring unity to the two sites and fundraised for a larger stone and paving to be fitted.

On 21st October, an official unveiling and blessing ceremony took place to commemorate the renovations and the new memorial. The Mayor of Barnsley Cllr Mick Stowe unveiled the stone, and the Reverend John Armstrong blessed the memorial.

The Friends could not have done this work without the generous donations from the community of Wombwell. Special thanks go to the Mayor of Barnsley, Reverend Armstrong, the councillors of Wombwell who could attend, Barnsley Bereavement Services, our Friends who read at the service, our volunteers, and the community of Wombwell for making this event possible.

We hope that the new renovations to the site will help to bring peace and comfort to the families with loved ones buried here.

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