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Peace Garden Renovations Mark 10 Years

Not only is it our 20 year anniversary, but the Peace Garden is celebrating 10 years since its renovation!

The chapel was severely damaged many years ago, with the roof burning away in a fire. Debris was piled high on the floor and foliage took hold of the building. The Friends applied to win some cash from ITV's People's Millions but came second to a well-deserving charity, missing out on the money.

However, we weren't deterred. Plans were made for the future of the building, cash was raised and a grant was given by Barnsley Council. We had the building checked over and cleared out, some of the old tiles were salvaged to make a fancy entrance, a gate, benches and planters were added, and marble was fixed to the walls to display memorial plaques. We also added window grills which have all been taken for memorials. The Peace Garden was born in 2012 and opened officially by the then Mayor of Barnsley!

We've had to have some further structural repairs since then due to weathering and age, but for a Grade II listed building that's over 150 years old, we don't think that's bad!

So 10 years on, we'd like to thank ITV The People's Millions for helping us get the ball rolling on the project and visiting the cemetery (despite us missing out!), Barnsley Council for the grant, contacts and support, the businesses who helped with the renovations and donations/discounts on materials, and the community of Wombwell for your help and support over the years. We're really feeling the love this year with these two big milestones and thank each and every one of you for keeping Wombwell Cemetery clean, safe, and respected.

We'd also like to give a shout out to the volunteers who lock the Peace Garden at 4pm each day and open it again in the morning, keeping the building safe and secure, and those poor souls who have to clean it out every few months!!

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